My Body Type Struggles

As most of you know I recently posted a video (LINK) which talks about my struggles with my weight and my new career. When I read the article Tony posted about body types, I knew I wanted to share my thoughts on it. I am an endomorph, a very tall endomorph. (If you haven’t read the article and want to know what your body type is click HERE) I’ve known about body types for a very long time but I never put much thought into it.

Honestly, its only ever been an answer on a test to me. I’ve always been active and able to hide my endomorphic tendency of gaining weight fast by working out A LOT. However, once I switched careers and stopped working out so much its now clear that I gain weight very fast and very easily. Looking back at my life I remember working out A LOT but never having a “six-pack”. Even when I was playing soccer in high school running all day every day it seemed like I just couldn’t get rid of my excess belly fat. The picture above is one of the leanest times in my life!

Once I started working at lifetime I decided to try the low carb plan. It worked! I lost a good amount of fat and got down to 10% body fat. However, I still didn’t have a “six pack”. I looked at other people at the gym who had higher body fat than I did but had the “six pack” I’ve been working so hard to achieve. Looking back on it, I should have known right then and there that my body type played a much better role than I ever imagined. More importantly, I should have been training my body per my body type all along.

The other thing I learned from this article is that not accepting and adapting to your body type is like banging your head against a wall. Which I realize I have been doing for over a decade. My type A personality wanted me to use my science and build a “perfect” plan that encompasses all the “right” things to do. Then I wanted to apply to everyone and to say, hey look at me and my perfect workout plan. I wanted it to work for everyone. But as Tony pointed out, not everyone is the same and they can’t be put into a simple formula and magically see results.

You need to find out what your body type is and how your body responds to different plans and programs. Remember this is a lifelong process constantly changing and improving your healthy as your body changes over the years. Also, remember to love your body for what it is. I may never have the “six pack” I’ve always wanted, but that doesn’t mean I must settle with being unhealthy. I can make a difference in my health and accept the fact that I may never be super lean like the models I see on magazines. However, my commitment to be healthy and happy is not tied to how I compare to those models or those people who I wish I could look like. My body won’t allow me to look like that and that’s okay. Remember to always control the variables you can control and do your best to be healthy every day. Focus on the big things that will make a big difference the rest will take care of itself.

I'm making a commitment to becoming more healthy day by day. I know it will be a long and difficult path. I'm focusing on training my body the way it wants to be trained and ​not worrying about the small details.

Please comment below and share your commitment!!​

Stephen Cummock

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA, Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through the USA weightlifting Organization, Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certified, as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. I have over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and 3 years of experience as an NCAA D1 strength and conditioning coach. I completed my bachelor’s degree from University of Northern Colorado in Exercise Sciences in 2010 and finished my Master’s in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics in 2012. I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from special populations, weight loss, and even up to professional athletes. I have trained and educated people on how to become top notch personal trainers.

Jolene - 7 months ago

Hey Steve!
Thanks for sharing this as well as your Let’s Get Real blog and video. Congratulations on being conscious and aware of your current path and kudos on taking steps to get to where you want to be. I relate to both posts very well. My last full marathon was 2 weeks before I moved to Colorado in June 2013. Since then, life has taken many bad turns that have left me depleted and exhausted and always struggling to get back to my own standard of health and fitness. I’m hoping 2017 is a successful year for me personally to get back on track. I’m excited to follow The Healthy Perspective blogs and website. Knowing what a dedicated and educated professional you are will make this journey a little easier for me.
Again, thanks for opening up and sharing!

    Stephen Cummock - 7 months ago

    Thanks Jolene! It’s always nice to hear encouragement and that my story can help people be healthier! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your struggles and progress as you go through this process!

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