Comprehensive Panel: Glucose and Lipids


Healthy hormone production will not happen when blood sugars are out of balance. This imbalance will stimulate the release of cortisol (think, “flight or fight”) and adrenaline, two stress hormones that not only block the healthy production of sex hormones, but also suppress the body’s ability to produce active thyroid hormone—the hormone that keeps our metabolism running high!

On top of that, when your stress response is ON, your digestion is turned OFF because surviving stress is prioritized over digestion. When our digestion does not work the way it should, we may not take in nutrients sufficiently or process and clear out toxins efficiently—hence the build-up of cholesterol in our system. In that sense, you can see how poorly regulated blood sugars can actually lead to high cholesterol.

If you suffer from blood sugar instability, you may notice these signs/symptoms:

  • Awaken in the middle of the night
  • Cravings for sugar or coffee
  • Afternoon crashes
  • Fatigue that is relieved by eating
  • Irritable or shaky if a meal is missed AND/OR
  • Frequent thirst or urination

Let's Start with a few definitions so you know what the abbreviations mean when you see the results. Keep in mind this panel done through Lifetime Fitness is looking at what they would consider "optimal" ranges for a male of my age. These are not the same ranges I talked about in previous articles or even the same ranges your doctor would use. You'll see in the results section anywhere there is an arrow pointed up or down means it is outside the "optimal" range but still within "normal" ranges. Anywhere you see the number highlighted in red and with an "H" or highlighted blue with an "L" means it is either above or below the "normal" range.

My Results

So as you can see this area is one that I REALLY need to work on! Luckily me and Matt Welt from Lifetime Fitness Westminster are coming up with a plan to get me back on track!!

Based on these results my sugar regulation is not good!​ I don't necessarily have a sweet tooth but I do have one big sweet weakness!! Starbucks!! I'm not a big breakfast person at all. if its before noon and doesn't involve caffeine I'm not interested in it. Check out my article on blood sugar regulation "4 Easy Steps to Blood Sugar Regulation" and "Know Your Numbers: Glucose" for more information on the topic!

One of the main points I make in the articles is how critical breakfast is. ​I am a prime example of what not to do for breakfast. I literally, get up 30 min before work shower get dressed and go directly to Starbucks. I LOVE a nice big White Chocolate Mocha. That is 67 GRAMS OF STRAIGHT SUGAR!! HOLY CRAP!! The worst thing of all about it is that there is very little protein or fat to help blunt the insulin response.

So first thing I do in the morning is spike my insulin and turn off any possibility of burning fat. I then go to my high stress sales job and make it even worse!

From my conversation with the registered dietitian from Lifetime Fitness, my numbers are indicating I am beginning to show an insulin resistance. This  ​basically means that my body has been releasing so much insulin to keep up with the large amounts of sugar I take in, that my body is less sensitive to the insulin that my body does release. Meaning it has too keep releasing more and more insulin to get the same response. If this was to continue it can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Some of the things me and Matt are working on is cutting down on my simple, processed sugars.​ I have already cut my sugar intake in half in the morning. Apparently they put 5 pumps of white mocha syrup in a venti white mocha...I've cut that down to two or three pumps and actually like it better! I haven't quite gotten rid of it completely, but I will keep you updated!

I am also working on getting back onto a workout routine. Working out allows the body to absorb blood sugar though a different mechanism called GLUT-4 transporters. this allows you to lower blood sugar without releasing insulin. By getting on a better workout routine nad doing some metabolic cardio workouts (I haven't gotten the test done yet but will let you know when I do) it will help increase my insulin sensitivity.

​If you are intrigued or would like some more information please comment below. Also, feel free to contact Matt from Lifetime Fitness. He is a great resource for this type of testing and has seen more people go through it than anyone I know!

Matthew Welt
Or if you are a member of Lifetime Fitness in Westminster, CO please stop by and talk to him in person!

I promise you, it'll be worth your time!

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Corrie cummock - a few months ago

It’s a scary thing your writing about. A man under 30 years of age should feel great. Iam very concerned for this younger generation and the fast food they consume. Going out to eat and grabbing a meal is to easy. What happened to a quick meal at home? A cup of coffee with a little cream and sugar. As a waitress long ago people would ask cream and sugar? Now it’s a creamy hot milk shake. Keep giving us more info Steve it’s not just you it’s all of us. I remember the day I couldn’t get you to drink pop!

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