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I am a certified personal trainer and health coach through NCCPT. I went to school at Colorado Mesa University (use to be Mesa State College when I was there) and studied Biological Medical Sciences where I learned about the body’s physical characteristics and properties. I used this understanding of the human body to aid me in not only my personal fitness achievements but also by aiding others to achieve their health and fitness goals. I have applied my knowledge of the human body and its capabilities to competing as an amateur bodybuilder where I have placed above top four in all of my competitions (five to be exact, sixth will be in 2017). The most recent competition being The NPC Rocky Mountain in November 2015 where I placed first in my heavyweight class. I have a great understanding of the body’s processes as I have experienced the good and the bad first hand.

While I was still attending Colorado Mesa University I was a personal trainer at a Gold’s Gym. I used the knowledge I was acquiring through my course work to help people achieve their health and fitness goals but like Steve I say a lot of the same thing… I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted people to work with me, bust their butt and also LEARN the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle. But I was often disappointed because I saw a lot of what we talk about in this book happen to some of my wonderful clients. I also saw the part that I struggled most with, successful personal trainers sold the, like Steve said, “Get rich quick” diet and training scheme. This was something I did not expect to see and this was not how I was going to conduct myself, so I left personal training with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I ended up moving on to the supplement industry where I worked for Complete Nutrition and later in 2014 working my way up to Regional Manager of Max Muscle sports nutrition. Here I felt maybe I can make a difference by helping people understanding how proper supplementation and diet can help you achieve the waist line or muscle mass you have always desired. We offered nutritional plans while I was with Max Muscle to accompany your supplementation program. This is where I started to see the components of this book we talk about, it was a mental and physical roller coaster of success and failures and one step forward two steps back. We weren’t teaching the importance of a lifestyle change and way too many people were relying on the “magic pill theory”. The classic fad diet “lose 30lbs in 30days, when you take this pill” gimmick we all too often fall into. I ended up leaving the supplement industry and started my own business called Atlas Nutrition LLC, this business was created to HELP people understand the importance of healthy living and to take the proper steps in achieving their fitness goals with a community to back them. We have personal fitness consultants at your discretion to aid you throughout the entire process of losing weight or gaining muscle mass, healthily and safely. I strive to teach my team of consultants the importance of allowing our clients to ask as many questions as possible and my team to supply honest answers that will in hopes teach them the appropriate way to achieving their health goals. If I work with a client for 6 months, or however long it takes, I won’t be upset if they leave me and go onto living this lifestyle to the fullest because I know myself and my team has given them the tools necessary to carry these good habits out into the world and continue to achieve their aspirations. This right here is why we wrote this book to help people develop an understanding of how to create a lifestyle change that will impact your life positively forever. And to have the knowledge to say NO to the next fad diet that aluminates on your TV screen, blares through your radio, or is plastered on your favorite magazine.

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